About me

Luisa Rodríguez

I was born in Baeza, World Heritage Site and home to great literary figures, such as San Juan de la Cruz and Antonio Machado.

What Id like to achieve with this website is that others can share special moments through my eyes, unique moments, intimatemoments, day-to-day realities, scenes of difficulty and violence, things of little importance.

A good photo will show you the unimaginable. A good photo will make us feel emotions without being in the place where this marvellous “click “ turned into a photograph.

My aim is that when we see a photo we feel so close to the image that we can almost touch it.

I find photos of movement especially seductive.

A photo isn´t time stopped, but a moment preserved forever.

The Principles of My Photography

Everything started with our restlessness to travel to every part of the world, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for work .

Taking holiday snaps was never my intention.

I took photos of the different things that passed through my retina because I wanted to take them home to continue enjoying them.

My restlessness increased when we travelled to África for pleasure, and a friend lent me their camera, a professional SLR .
From that moment on, I realised that I was captivated by…